8 Reasons Savvy Brides Choose Ipanema Press

8 Reasons Savvy Brides Choose Ipanema Press

1. Savvy brides know it’s smart to work with the experts

At Ipanema Press, we are passionate about wedding invitations. It’s what we do, and we do it very well.

The world of wedding invitations and wedding etiquette is foreign to most people ~ and why shouldn’t it be? Given that you’ll likely only do this once, there’s no need to study up on all of the various printing methods, or the many rules and requirements of etiquette to be sure that you don’t commit any embarassing faux pas or offend any guests.

Our invitation consultants are experts in all aspects of wedding invitations and are happy to share their expertise to help you navigate the process of creating your wedding invitations. We’ll help you create an invitation that your friends will envy and your Aunt Fannie will approve!

2. Savvy brides love to be treated like royalty

You deserve a great customer experience. You are preparing for one of the biggest days of your life and it’s a big deal!

Picture this: You are seated in our consultation area, where your invitation consultant reviews with you what she learned about your event from the Wedding Questionnaire that you completed earlier. Based on your needs and desires, she shares with you some ideas that she’s pulled together, as well as information about printing methods, design options, pricing ~ anything and everything you’d like to know. You start to realize that Ipanema Press is really different. And this is just the beginning….

Our reputation is built on providing friendly, personalised service that is second to none. We listen to what you like and want, and help you to make that a reality.

For us, helping to create your wedding invitation is not a transaction ~ it’s the beginning of a relationship. We feel very fortunate to count the brides we’ve helped as our friends.

3. Savvy brides want an extensive selection of high-quality lines and styles

Owner Adrienne Kierans has spent the better part of the last decade hand-selecting the very best manufacturers and invitation lines. Early in the life of the business, she dropped lines that did not meet her quality standards.

Today, she has developed an eye for a high-quality line {the lower quality lines don’t even get in the door} and has nurtured and developed deep, strong relationships with her current manufacturers.

What this means for you is that you can confidently work with Ipanema Press, knowing that you will find the best designs and quality available in a variety of price ranges.

You will not need to waste your time sifting through a bunch of coal to find the diamonds ~ we’ve already found them for you.

4. Savvy brides want invitations that will fit their budgets

Our price range varies depending on the print method and style you choose. If your first question is “What is your cheapest wedding invitation?”, we are not the place for you. If you feel that invitations don’t matter and “people just throw them away”, we are not the place for you.

However, if you recognize that your invitation is the first glimpse that your guests will have into your wedding day and that first impressions make a big difference, now you’re speaking our language.

That being said, know that we are not more expensive because we’re a boutique {we’re just more fun and friendly!}. Our prices are not any higher {and are often lower than} what you’d find at other stores, at a larger chain, or even online.

We have worked with many brides on a limited budget to help them achieve the invitation of their dreams by showing them ways to cut costs {another little side benefit of that expertise we were mentioning}.

A word about price-matching: Occasionally, we hear of a stationery retailer who offers across-the-board discounts on custom invitations. For the quality lines that we carry, this type of discounting often violates the retailer’s agreement with the manufacturer. At Ipanema Press, we take our relationships with our manufacturers very seriously and we plan to be around for a very long time. We would not be able to provide the type of service and products that we offer if we were to start matching these discounts. We do, however, participate in all manufacturer-sponsored promotions and are happy to pass those savings on to you. These promotions are advertised in our store and on our Facebook page.

5. Savvy brides love a full-service, one-stop shopping experience

For anything that involves paper and personalized items for your wedding, we’ve got you covered.

From engagement party invitations, save-the-date cards, wedding invitations and enclosures, to programs, reception accessories {menus, escort cards, place cards, table cards}, favors, welcome kits, thank-you notes, and wedding party gifts, we do it all.

We offer every printing method available, and a myriad of different card stock options. We also offer custom design and calligraphy services.

Why waste time going to multiple places and trying to explain your vision over and over? We make it easy and fun to get it all done, exactly as you want it, in one place.

6. Savvy brides like businesses that follow up, follow through, & help keep them on track

At Ipanema Press, we say what we do and do what we say.

We explain the entire process from start to finish. Once your order is placed, we follow up with the manufacturer to be sure that everything is moving along smoothly. We inform you when your order has shipped and when you can expect it to arrive.

You can rest assured that, once you place your order with us, we will keep you informed of its progress along the way.

We provide you with a timeline for ordering the various stationery pieces that go along with a wedding and send you reminders when these dates are approaching.

We stay on top of the deadlines so that you don’t have to. This way, you won’t miss an important date or be forced to pay rush fees and expedited shipping to get what you want.

Most of our brides and wedding planners think this is one of our best services!

We know you’re busy ~ let us “sweat the small stuff!”

7. Savvy brides love their stationery to be unique

At Ipanema Press, we offer a couture design service. This means that you will have dedicated designer or illustrator working on your invitation suite with you. We are trained graphic designers and so you get your own professional artist to work alongside you on your design.

We help to bring your ideas, however crazy you may think they are, to life! This ensures that your invitation suite will be completely unique to you and will have the ‘wow factor’ when they arrive through your guests door!

8. Savvy brides love the chance to get their wedding invitations for free

Yes, you read that right. You will have the opportunity to get your wedding invitations for free.

At Ipanema Press, the heart of our success is the business that we receive from referrals by our happy customers.

Don’t you love it when you can connect one of your friends to a great business and not worry about how it will turn out? With our unique referral program, if you refer six people who order their wedding invitations from Salutations within a year of your wedding, we will write a check to you for the money that you spent on your wedding invitations. {The sooner you place your order, the more time you will have to make those referrals!}

Seriously, who does that? We do!

Once you’ve satisfied yourself that Ipanema Press is the one and only place that you want to work with when creating your wedding invitations and accessories, then call or email us to schedule an appointment. But don’t wait too long ~ appointment slots are limited and fill up quickly.

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